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Analysts see the conflict as a symptom of something much larger: an effort by the U.S. to slow China’s rise as a second superpower. The age of great power competition is back, a titanic battle that could be long, dangerous and unpredictable. But just how bad could things get? Most of the warnings of an emerging Cold War have come from China, from President Xi Jinping on down.The state-run People’s Daily argued President Trump’s trade war was “never just about narrowing trade deficits but to contain China in much broader areas.” That view is understandable. U.S. officials increasingly point to China as the United States’ main foe. Trump recently cited China when justifying the need for a military space force by https://intergalactichero.tumblr.com/ 2020. The National Security Strategy his administration released in December identified China as an enemy and a “revisionist” power determined to undermine American security and economic power. A Pentagon report this month said Chinese bombers were probably training to hit U.S. targets.

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